Dentist Manassas

Our state-of-the-art technologies ensure accuracy, efficiency, and comfort. Our dental equipment is safe, effective, and well-maintained. Some of our dental technologies include those listed below:

Digital X-Rays

Our advanced digital X-rays magnify and enhance your teeth for better diagnosis and treatment. This technology allows us to take images of your teeth and display them on a computer screen quickly and easily.

With digital X-rays, we can view your teeth and surrounding structures with remarkable accuracy. These images provide us with the information we need to plan your dental treatment.

Digital X-rays require much less radiation than traditional film X-rays. Digital X-rays are a safe and effective dental technology.

Panoramic X-Ray

A Panoramic X-ray machine rotates around your entire head to take a 360-degree view of your teeth, sinuses, and the bone structure of your head and jaws. This provides a more complete image than standard X-rays. Panoramic x-ray imagery is a valuable resource for Dr. Mai Zamakchari to use in diagnosis and treatment planning.

iTero Digital Impression Scanner

When it comes to your orthodontic care, the iTero Digital Impression Scanner offers a solution that is both more efficient and reliable than traditional methods. 

Part of many orthodontic treatments is the process of taking impressions of your mouth. These impressions help our team better visualize the structure of your teeth and jaws to customize a treatment plan for you. Through the use of the iTero Digital Impression Scanner, our team eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable impression materials while producing more efficient and accurate results. 

Using a radiation-free laser, this compact device scans your mouth to create a digital, three-dimensional impression of your teeth and gums within minutes. Not only are these impressions much more time effective, but they also are much more accurate and allow patients to remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Combined with our years of experience, this technology allows our team to help deliver the best possible outcome for your orthodontic care.

LANAP® Laser

The LANAP® Laser offers a revolutionary approach to gum disease treatment, utilizing the precision of laser technology to target and remove only diseased tissue, sparing the healthy areas. This minimally invasive method significantly reduces discomfort and recovery time, making it a preferred choice for patients seeking effective periodontal disease treatment. Embrace the future of dental care with LANAP® Laser, where comfort meets cutting-edge technology.

CEPH Machine

Our practice is proud to feature the CEPH (Cephalometric) X-ray machine, a sophisticated diagnostic tool that provides comprehensive images of the side profile of a patient’s head. This technology is indispensable for precise orthodontic planning and treatment, enabling us to analyze skull, jaw, and dental relationships in detail. The CEPH machine aids in crafting personalized treatment plans, ensuring optimal outcomes for our patients’ orthodontic needs.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

The CBCT scanner stands at the forefront of dental imaging technology, offering three-dimensional views that surpass traditional X-rays. This advanced system allows for incredibly detailed examination of teeth, bones, and soft tissues with minimal radiation exposure. Ideal for implant planning, complex root canals, and diagnosis of dental issues, CBCT imaging is a cornerstone of modern dental diagnostics, providing clarity and precision in every scan.